We operate our Wifi using a signal from a Satellite.  Our wifi reaches most areas on
the grounds.  It is Satellite driven and therefore is weather affected and is not as fast as you may be used to where you live.  It works well for Facebook and basic web browsing.   We sell Wifi to you at  your request for $15.00 per Gigabyte plus tax. Upon check in or any time during your stay, come to the office and request a logon.

NOTE: Your smart phone will not recieve texts or phone calls on wifi only.  If you want to text from the satellite connection you will need to download a program that works texting on a wifi signal.  There are several companies that provide this service, and we are not suggesting any one perticular company. 
I use the app "Text Now" ( a free download program that gives you a phone number for texting over the internet)

Tennessee Country Cabins LLC.